"Mama Earth Healing Salve not only smells divine but fully harnesses the graceful power of Mother Earth. I use this salve on my lips, scars, scratches, itches, and even on my cat when he gets bites from rolling around in the garden. MaMa Earth Healing Salve makes a wonderful gift for nearly any occasion and is always well received. My inner goddess loves this yummy balm!"
Julie W.
October 05, 2016
"Mama Earth Products are the absolute best! Being in the medical field - I wash my hands a zillion times a day. Eucerin has been my hand cream for decades. After using Mama Earth, I have switched. Mama Earth smells lovely, is long lasting with no greasy feeling, is great for cuticles AND, best of all, it is totally natural. The hand and lip balm also make wonderful!! gifts. Great products."
Margaret Susan Lohre
October 05, 2016
"Hands down, Mama Earth Lip Balm is the best!  I bought ten tubes with the intention of giving some as gifts, but kept every single one, that's how much I love this product.  I am truly impressed by the quality of Mama Earth Lip Balm, and especially thankful for the "all natural ingredients."  It goes on smooth, begins working immediately with long lasting moisture and healing effects.  I will most definitely will keep myself well stocked with Mama Earth Lip Balm."
Ginger Gibbons Merker
October 05, 2016
"I feel fortunate to have been one of the first customers of Mama Earth products.  I have used Mama Earth every day since it was first introduced to me. Because of its all natural ingredients, I use it for lip moisturizer on a daily basis. As well as for small cuts and scrapes and bug bites. Even for the healing of a fresh tattoo. Thank you Mama Earth for the safe and natural alternative ."
Gary Hamm
Musician/Martial Artist
October 05, 2016
“I bought this organic chapstick for my grandson who has severe Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism.   He is afraid of chapstick like many are afraid of spiders or needles, however, he does not get upset when this is applied and it heals his severely chapped lips 99% just during a 10 he sleep.   My daughter in law Is very into essential oils and has them used daily and she has been using the chapstick also and loves it, she would love to know all other products available”
Sue Smith
October 05, 2016

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